Crystal Skulls - Vibrantly Scented Soy Wax Melts with Hidden Gems

Crystal Skulls - Vibrantly Scented Soy Wax Melts with Hidden Gems
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What wonders await from caverns shrouded in mystery, and caked in things that shimmer? These wee skulls fit perfectly in the palm of one's hand- roughly the size of a baby bella mushroom- and when reduced to their state of liquid magic, reveal a small surprise...

Whether you use them in your casting, or just to enrich your home and your mood- each set is concocted with positive intent, love and purpose.

Packaged as a set of three (3) skulls that add up to approximately 2oz of wax, these glimmering beauties are available in four varieties that evoke the unique natures and energies of the gems they carry in their mouths (which is why the teeth look a bit strange...). Choose from:

ROSE QUARTZ - roses, freshly-pressed cottons, ginger, vanilla
AMETHYST - lavender, lily of the valley, white sage, vanilla
BROWN JASPER - loamy incense, cloves, dragon’s blood, buttered rum
OBSIDIAN - graveyard dirt, black cherries, nutmeg

(Pictured in photos: ROSE QUARTZ)

Made of soy wax and the same non-abrasive, skin-safe fragrance and essential oils used in our body products, these tarts have an excellent scent throw and can be burned multiple times before the scent fades. They are coloured with cosmetic-grade mica.

PLEASE BE AWARE that temperatures are inconsistent during mailing, and as such, colours may vary slightly from those shown and some minor-to-major 'frosting' may occur. This will not affect the state of the wax or the scent.