Dungeon Crawler Soy Wax Dice

Dungeon Crawler Soy Wax Dice
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Presenting the apothecary's second-largest line of wax melts, starting with scent palettes inspired by the well-loved Critical Role D&D podcast. So many of you have asked for dice-shaped melts, and these are just the beginning!

Each character set is an assortment of wax dice with an approximate weight of 2oz- which includes one big chonky D20. They are richly-scented and can be burnt several times over before the fragrance fades, and are made with soy wax and skin-safe fragrance oils.
(First photo: Caduceus
Second photo: Jester in blue, Mollymauk in gold)


The scent notes for these fragrant dice are:

Caleb- old books, cinnamon, buttered rum
Nott- red wine, bourbon, loamy incense, mistletoe
Yasha- nighttime musk, aged incense, cassis, burnt sage, dragon’s blood
Mollymauk- ylang-ylang, bourbon, nighttime musk, mint, loamy incense
Jester- lilac, golden amber, spiced cake, blueberry
Beau- teak and petrified oak, tobacco, ginger
Fjord- crisp black pepper, campfire smoke, coconut lime, tobacco
Caduceus- orchid, lily of the valley, cherry blossom, petrichor
Essek- hazelnut, loamy incense, frankincense & myrrh, rich soil, charred wood

These are not dungeon-safe dice! They are open pour, and are all missing a critical (haha) side. The apothecary's wisp MAY be able to be persuaded to make rollable dice, if you ask nice...✨

❤ These are not in any official way affiliated with Critical Role or the actors involved ❤