Keep Your Courage QUEER - Pride Plant (Lovage) Biodegradable Sticker

Keep Your Courage QUEER - Pride Plant (Lovage) Biodegradable Sticker

Take heart, my friend; keep your courage, for one day vibrant blooms will grow out of our bones, and inspire generations who come after to keep their own. It was not for nothing, for everything is a cycle, and in that cycle is rebirth and renewal from the gloom and despair.

Carry on. Be kind to one another. Join hands to understand rather than raising your fists to fight what you do not. Stop and read words slower if you don't understand them the first time- with a mind open to context you may not have seen the first time. Do the same with people.

Above all: love. šŸ³ļøā€šŸŒˆ Bear this banner with pride, knowing you are not alone and that in your shared strength, you will carry on.


Now printed on biodegradable material, the design is an ode to the torn banner of fallen comrades- those loved closely and admired from afar- still held by the bones of the generations past, who fought so hard to keep those in the present alive. Bless you where you lay, and may you find peace knowing that so much love flourishes now and in futures to come. šŸ’—

This banner is the Transgender and POC-Inclusive Queer flag, framed by lovage with vitiligo on the horns.

Decal measures 3" x 2.6".