Hot-Cross Bun Adoption - Organic & Nutrient-Rich Oatmeal Soap

Hot-Cross Bun Adoption - Organic & Nutrient-Rich Oatmeal Soap
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That time of year is back again! Spring blooms are pushing up from beneath the cold earth, searching for warmth and light, which means it the season of the Bun!

The Hot-Crossed Buns are coming out of their winter dens and are ready for adoption! Unlike their distant cousin, the Dust Bunnies, our Buns love to clean. These fragrant little loves fit in the palm of your hand, weighing in at about 2oz, and are ready to help you tackle any kitchen, home, or even spring cleaning messes, while keeping your hands feeling supple and not stripped of their essential oils.

Keep in mind that each bun is unique, so they may not look exactly as pictured. They are safe to be used on sensitive and damaged skin (such as eczema), and as a face wash. Their eyes are the heads of cloves.


GLAZED HONEYBUN- a warm scent with a hint of spicy clove and the sweet finish of a maple glaze

STRAWBUNNY SHORTCAKE- fruity with a candy-like sweetness, rounded out with soft vanilla cake

MATCHA MOONBUN- a fresher scent, reminiscent of crisp green tea with the faintly-sweet richness of matcha baked into a warm bakery roll

VELVETEEN RABBIT- the deeply rich scent of a decadent chocolate red velvet cake, with coffee and hazelnut undertones.

(NEW!) DUST BUNNY- sweet black liquorice, rich and pungent (in the nice way liquorice is!)

DUE TO THE HIGH OIL CONTENT of our soaps and the varying temperatures experienced in shipping, your soap may perspire and develop a coating during transit. This doesn't mean the soap is bad! If you're having trouble getting it to make suds, just rub it under some very warm or hot water for a bit until the coating is washed off. Don't be alarmed if you don't get enormous tub-worthy bubbles from our bars - these soaps are made to be gentler on your skin than your average name brand, so even though your hands are being cleaned, they aren't being stripped. ❤

Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin infused with oatmeal, organic mango butter, organic cocoa butter, organic avocado oil, organic jojoba oil, cosmetic mica, non-irritating fragrance oils *
VELVETEEN RABBIT ONLY: organic cocoa powder
DUST BUNNY ONLY: organic activated charcoal
* All ingredients are sourced from vegan and ethical product suppliers. Soaps are hand-made to order.

THESE SOAPS USED TO BE MADE WITH OUR HEMP OIL-INFUSED BASE! If you want to order that version, just put a note in for the hemp and we will make it the old way for you. ❤