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Natural Leaf Wrap Soap - Organic Moisturising Nutrient-Rich Soap

Natural Leaf Wrap Soap - Organic Moisturising Nutrient-Rich Soap

Don't be caught without your rations in the wild yonder! These beautifully detailed soaps made with plant-based ingredients are as pleasing to the nose as they are to the eye.

Each are a nod to three vastly different flavour preferences: such favoured by the fair, such favoured by the hearty eaters, and such favoured by those we wish to know but never quite can pin down....

They have an approximate weight of 4oz and are available in the 3 different individually-blended scent palettes. They are:

ELVISH WAYBREAD- The warmth of freshly-baked herb bread carries hints of rosemary and a subtle accent of lilacs. (This scent has the added ingredient of organic evening primrose oil.)
HEARTY HALFLING LOAF- A truly mouth-watering banana and blueberry nut bread with a side of brown-sugared figs. (This scent has the added ingredient of cocoa butter.)
URUK-HAI RATIONS- Sooty bread (just kidding! Well-worn warm leather blends with slightly-sweet tobacco leaves and spiced bourbon to create an intoxicatingly-musky scent.) [This scent has the added ingredient of activated charcoal.]

The hag's soap has activated charcoal in it, the halfling soaps are enriched with cocoa butter as their moisturising agent, and the waybread carries the lighter primrose oil for gentler cleansing. There is no aloe in this soap! All ingredients are carefully researched to ensure they are ethically and sustainably sourced.

DUE TO THE HIGH OIL CONTENT of our soaps and the varying temperatures experienced in shipping, your soap may perspire and develop a coating during transit. This doesn't mean the soap is bad! If you're having trouble getting it to make suds, just rub it under some very warm or hot water for a bit until the coating is washed off. Don't be alarmed if you don't get enormous tub-worthy bubbles from our bars - these soaps are made to be gentler on your skin than your average name brand, so even though your hands are being cleaned, they aren't being stripped. ❤

Vegetable glycerin infused with organic hemp oil, Activated charcoal (URUK-HAI ONLY), Shea butter(organic), Cocoa butter (organic, HALFLING LOAF ONLY), Jojoba oil (organic), Olive oil (organic), Avocado oil (organic), Tamanu oil (organic), Evening primrose oil (organic, ELVISH WAYBREAD ONLY), cosmetic mica, water based dyes, non-irritating fragrance oils

OPTIONAL INGREDIENTS (indicate in comment section):
- Poppy seeds (a natural exfoliator)
- Organic coconut oil
- Organic wormwood extract (non-alcohol base)
- Organic mango butter