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The Wanderer's Pot o' Mud - Plant-Based Vegan Antiperspirant Deodorant

Mail gets left in all sorts of places with poor ventilation, and since we are getting into the warm months again, this means melty salves, balms and deodorants. Open tins and pots with care and fully upright / level, and if it has melted, fret not! Give it a nice stir with a toothpick, popsicle stick or any old tea-spoon and pop it into the fridge for up to half an hour to get it firmed up again!


For those who are skeptical about natural alternatives to store-brand deodorant, but nonetheless looking to ditch the harsh chemicals, this is the stuff for you! Scented with the same essential and gentle fragrance oils that are used across the Apothecary, these pots of "mud" last a deceptively long time and give you a powerful coverup without being overwhelming.

Made with only a handful of natural and organic ingredients, you can leave your worries behind about harmful chemicals soaking into your skin in the name of smelling nice - now you can just smell nice!
Spread one to two pea-sized globs (whatever is enough to cover the desired area- everyone is different) under each arm, rub it in like a thick lotion or cream, and voila! This miracle "mud" neutralises body odour and helps wick moisture without clogging your pores to do so- it will even get to work on clearing up your skin of rashes and cystic acne borne from use of other underarm products, thanks to its two antibacterial and antimicrobial powerhouses- cocoa powder and tamanu oil! Perfect for sensitive skin types.

Pick from 70+ uniquely-blended scent palettes- or leave fragrance out of it if that's not your thing- it will work just as well!

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BROWNIE'S FAVOURITE- rich, decadent chocolate, like fresh warm fudge. This is the standard, "unscented" scent for these pots, given how well it blends with the natural scents of cocoa and coconut.

Planting Roots- Petrichor, mistletoe, rosemary, smoking sage
Healing-Deep woods, honeysuckle, lavender, sage
Self-Indulgence- Deep woods, lily of the valley, belladonna, ancient tomes
Peaceful Home- Petrified oak, teak, fresh-ground tobacco and the curling smoke from an antique pipe
Safe Travels- Long-abandoned temples, frankincense & myrrh, old growth forests

Amanita- Orange cake glazed with maple nectar fermented in spiced barrels
Werewere Kokako- A bouquet of magnolia, lilac and wisteria
Shiitake- Rich, caramelised brown sugar with undertones of hazelnut & sandalwood
Inky Cap- Deep teak forests littered with petrified oak logs & whispers of cassis curling up into fresh leaves

Rose Quartz- rose, freshly-pressed cottons, ginger, vanilla
Amethyst - lavender, lily of the valley, sage, vanilla
Brown Jasper - loamy incense, clove, dragon’s blood, buttered rum
Obsidian - graveyard dirt, black cherry, nutmeg

Necromantic- Spiced wine, fire magic, leatherbound books
Antiva- Strawberry, rose, vanilla Earl Grey
Eluvian- Amber oak, mistletoe, deep woods
Qun- Leather, sandalwood, bourbon, nutmeg, charred wood

Prince Cardan- Red wine, pine, coffee
Jude- Lily of the valley, belladonna, nighttime musk
Locke- Patchouli, honey almond, baked apple
Nicasia - Coconut lime, mint, dragon’s blood
Madoc- Fresh graves, black cherry, magnolia
Kell- Spiced cake, rose, lavender, orange
Osaron- Charred wood, nag champa, amber musk
Alucard- Red wine, dark chocolate, nag champa, strawberry
Elvish Waybread- warm herb bread, rosemary, lilacs
Hearty Halfling Loaf- banana & blueberry nut bread, brown-sugared figs
Wild Hag's Rations- warm leather, sweet tobacco, spiced bourbon

Caleb- old books, cinnamon, buttered rum
Nott- red wine, bourbon, loamy incense, mistletoe
Yasha- nighttime musk, aged incense, cassis, sage, dragon’s blood
Mollymauk- ylang-ylang, sweet wine, nighttime musk, mint, loamy incense
Jester- lilac, golden amber, spiced cake, blueberry
Beau- teak and petrified oak, tobacco, ginger
Fjord- crisp black pepper, campfire smoke, coconut lime, tobacco
Caduceus- orchid, lily of the valley, cherry blossom, petrichor
Essek- loamy incense, frankincense & myrrh, petrichor, charred wood, hazelnut

Paladin- Vanilla, mint
Dark Knight- Tobacco, frankincense & myrrh, nag champa
Warrior- Spiced leather, berry wine
White Mage- Vanilla, lavender, eucalyptus
Scholar- Honeysuckle, honey almond, belladonna
Astrologian- Pine, spice cake, cinnamon
Summoner- Belladonna, honey almond, tobacco
Black Mage- Pine, caramel, eucalyptus
Red Mage- Chocolate, coffee, cinnamon
Bard- Rose, lavender, strawberry
Machinist- Cinnamon, frankincense & myrrh, barrel smoke
Ninja- Jasmine, apple blossom, sandalwood amber
Samurai- Chocolate, mint, lavender
Monk- Vanilla, amber, orange
Dragoon- Dragon's blood
Meol- Angel food cake, with an underlying sweet musk
Mhachi Coffin- cherry wine, preserved incense, aged musk

Din- Coconut bourbon, almond, cinnamon
Farore- Honeysuckle, green tea, wisteria
Nayru- Juniper berry, lilac, vanilla

Krampusnacht- Sage, juniper berry, nag champa
Bountiful Feast- Buttered rum, salted caramel, baked apple
Wild Harvest- Brown-sugared figs, evergreen, cinnamon

Howl- frankincense & myrrh, nag champa, rose, amber
Sophie- honeysuckle, fresh linen, ginger, peach


Spiced Coffee- Black coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, salted caramel
Olympic Fog (formerly Winter in London)- Vanilla, chocolate, lavender, rose, mint
Catnip Tea- similar to the fresh, leafy scent of green tea, with a faint minty twist.
Apple Fritter - emphasis on apple notes, with hints of cinnamon and a smooth vanilla finish.
Peach Cobbler - the richest scent of them all. Warm, spiced vanilla with a prominent undertone of peaches.
Coconut Bourbon Cake - subtle notes of coconut combine with the slight tang of bourbon, wrapped up in a warm cakey blanket.
Strawberry Macaron - classic, unique scent of the soft almond flour used to make macarons, with the sweetness of candied strawberries and vanilla cream stuffing.


INGREDIENTS: Organic unrefined African shea butter, organic coconut oil, arrowroot starch, water-refined baking soda, organic tamanu oil, organic cocoa powder, non-inflammatory fragrance/+essential oils

DO NOT put this rub on open wounds. IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO ANY OF THE INGREDIENTS IN THIS DEODORANT, please don't hesitate to reach out to me and ask about leaving them out / possible substitutions that might work for you!

WHAT IS TAMANU OIL? - Extracted from the nuts of an evergreen tree called calophyllum inophyllum, tamanu oil is a remedy long used in Polynesia and Southeast Asia on the face, hair, and skin for conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and scars; also said to reduce inflammation and destroy bad bacteria. It is a fast-absorbing oil that is green in colour (so it will slightly tint whatever it's put in).

WHY COCOA POWDER? - The properties of raw cacao enhances elasticity and hydration in cells - flavanols help to soften, clear, and detoxify your skin. This also helps with fine lines, wrinkles and reduces the appearance of scars.

AND WHAT ABOUT ARROWROOT STARCH? - This powder will soak up extra oil/sebum (when put on acne and zits), thereby reducing inflammation considerably and reducing clamminess when used topically. It also functions as a thickening agent both in body products and in cooking, and helps whatever it's put in have a creamier, smoother texture.