$12.00 - $13.00

Brownie's Token - Nutrient-Rich Oatmeal/Hemp Pure Castile Soap Puck

For you to have found one of these is truly special, for brownies take excellent care of their hosts— when properly appreciated— and there is no higher form of gratitude from them than a Token.

[What are brownies, you ask? Why, they are of the Fae— spritely folk who inhabit and tidy the dwellings of other creatures, and grant boons upon those who take to their presence. To receive such gifts is a sign of a happy, healthy— and very clean!— house.]

This 2oz soap— reminiscent of a rusted coin you might find as an offering somewhere in your house— is infused with the decadent blend of mango butter, coconut milk powder, argan oil and cocoa powder. An excellent treat for skin parched and starving for nutrients after the dry of winter, or from diligently washing your hands during a viral outbreak.

Its scent palette is a tantalising chai-spiced maple cake, garnished with ribbons of fragrant magnolia, making it a treat for your nose as well!


INGREDIENTS: Vegetable glycerin infused with oatmeal / organic hemp oil, organic coconut milk powder, organic mango butter, organic cocoa powder, organic avocado oil, organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil, non-irritating fragrance oils, & cosmetic mica for garnish