Celestial Guardians - Pure Castile Soap for Nourishing and Cleansing

Remnants of a bygone era, experience the restorative properties of the cosmos on your very own skin.

As always, soaps are made using vegan, organic, sustainably and locally sourced materials.

Choose from two decadent variants- each with their own scent palette and unique ingredients- made with a vegetable glycerin base:

πŸŒ• Golden Age πŸŒ•
Carrying succulent notes of honeysuckle, ylang-ylang, orchid and a hint of rich vanilla, this oatmeal-infused moon's benefits lie in the organic cocoa butter and ylang-ylang essential oil blended into its gold-encrusted dome. Cocoa butter is often touted as "vegan beeswax" for its very similar and in fact superior topical benefits, namely its ability to hydrate the skin and create a natural barrier to further hold in moisture. Ylang-ylang has been prized for promoting relaxation, killing bacteria, lowering blood pressure, and even as a mild aphrodisiac πŸ’›

πŸŒ‘ Dark Side of the Moon πŸŒ‘
A sultry scent blend of teak, frankincense & myrrh, charred wood with an alluring hint of pomegranate, this moon's vegetable glycerin base is infused with hemp oil and activated charcoal, a powerhouse of an ingredient used chiefly for sucking out impurities. Most commonly found in face masks, activated charcoal in soap is an excellent bi-weekly wash for areas particularly riddled with acne. Hemp oil is known to have anti-aging properties, help manage your skin's oil production, and soothe inflammation caused by dermatitis.


Full Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, organic raw shea butter, organic olive, avocado, jojoba, coconut and flax oils
GOLDEN AGE: organic cocoa butter, oatmeal
DARK SIDE: organic hemp oil, activated charcoal