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Oat"Meol" - Natural Oatmeal Moisturising Soap

Oat"Meol" - Natural Oatmeal Moisturising Soap

A strangely sweet scent reaches your nose, but there's...something else in the underlying notes you can just barely detect. A familiar almost-musk, a comforting ribbon of something you can't quite place. Something tells you, you probably should not eat it. But somehow, it's SO tempting...

- - - -

These 2.5oz, nearly-round 'buns' have a mellow, pleasant scent, like freshly-baked angel food cake. But sniff again, and you might catch a whiff of an unidentifiable, nearly-sweet musk.

Packed with the organic nutrients of raw, unrefined Shea and cocoa butters alongside avocado, jojoba and evening primrose oils, these soaps are designed to be a decadent treat for your skin. They are gentle and soothing enough to be used as a facewash- and an equal delight to your nose.


DUE TO THE HIGH OIL CONTENT of these soaps and the varying temperatures experienced in shipping, your soap may perspire and develop a coating during transit. This doesn't mean the soap is bad! If you're having trouble getting it to make suds, just rub it under some very warm or hot water for a bit until the coating is washed off. Don't be alarmed if you don't get enormous tub-worthy bubbles from our bars - these soaps are made to be gentler on your skin than your average name brand, so even though your hands are being cleaned, they aren't being stripped. ❤

These soaps DO NOT contain aloe.
They are VEGAN.

Vegetable glycerin infused with oatmeal, Shea butter (organic), Cocoa butter (organic), Jojoba oil (organic), Avocado oil (organic), Evening primrose oil (organic), cosmetic-grade mica, non-irritating fragrance oils.

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