“Petit Morte” - Nutrient-Rich, Moisturising & Cleansing Skull Soaps

Don't drag your feathers fighting the plague- these delightfully palm-sized skulls, weighing in at approximately 1.3oz, are as pleasing to your skin as they are to the eye!

Enriched with organic, unrefined natural ingredients- as the more something is refined, the more nutrients are lost- these are soft enough to be used as a face soap, and are gentle on sensitive skin.

The two varieties are:

ONYX- Carries a potpourri scent palette of rich dragon's blood, fresh black pepper and aged sandalwood. A vegetable glycerin base infused with hemp oil, accented by activated charcoal for exceptional pore-cleansing.

IVORY- A delicate, sweet bakery scent palette of a ginger peach macaron, with bare hints of almond flour. The luxuriously-soft oatmeal vegetable glycerin base lends for a creamy lather that helps preserve the natural elasticity of your skin.


INGREDIENTS: Vegetable glycerin infused with oatmeal / organic hemp oil, organic coconut milk powder, organic mango butter, organic activated charcoal (Onyx skull only), organic avocado oil, organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil, non-irritating fragrance & essential oils, cosmetic mica for garnish